What is "Bria Bella & Co."?


"Bria” defines a strong woman, “Bella” means beautiful, and the “& Co.” includes all of us!  Bria Bella & Co. is a group of strong, beautiful women that together defines fashion rather than allowing fashion to define them.

Bria Bella & Co. introduces a collection of high quality, contemporary chic clothing that has been designed for versatility while allowing your personality to shine.  With the Bria Bella & Co. line of apparel, you will find a unique, fresh and trendy collection mixed with personalized attention and styling that transforms shopping into a personalized experience.

At the core of Bria Bella & Co., it's our belief that all women deserve to look & feel amazing, no exceptions.  We want all women to feel empowered, valued and confident in every aspect of life - starting with the clothing we put on each morning. 

Because let’s face it ladies – with that perfect outfit we can conquer the world!  Why not choose to make each day a  “conquer-the-world” kind of day?  

Go ahead - Show off that Strong, Beautiful, You!



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